New Kind of Nanorobots to Clear Toxins and Bacteria from Blood

A team of engineers at the California University San Diego have developed a new small size ultrasound-powered robots. These robots are very tiny in size and can swim through blood and helps in removing the harmful bacteria, in addition with the toxins they produce. These nano-robots are expected to offer an efficient and safe way to detoxify and also decontaminate the biological fluids.

Furthermore, they have designed the nanorobots by coating gold nanowires along with a hybrid of red blood cell membranes and platelet. The coating of hybrid cell membrane allows the nanorobots to perform tasks of two different cells at one time. The body of the nanorobots that is made of gold, responds to the ultrasound, which offers them the ability to move around at a fast pace without the use of chemical fuel. This movement helps the nanorobots to mix their targets that are toxins and bacteria in the blood and further speed up the process of detoxification.

The research work that has been published in the Science Robotics combines technologies, which have been pioneered by Liangfang Zhang and Joseph Wang. The team of Wang has developed the ultrasound-powered nanorobots and the team of Zhang has designed the technology which helps in coating the nanoparticles in the natural cell membranes.

The work and the development of the product is still at an early stage. The researchers have kept in mind that the nanorobots are to be used for detoxifying biological fluids. The team is working on tests that will be conducted in live animals. Furthermore, the team is making efforts to design biodegradable nanorobots instead of gold.

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