New Hope for Diabetics – The Cure is Right Here


Diabetes mellitus being a chronic disease is prevalent in all parts of the world. Almost about half the population of the world is suffering from diabetes 1 or diabetes 2. Diabetes comes with other health risks like kidney disease, stroke, eye diseases and complete eye damage, foot ulcers, and cardiovascular diseases. It is said that there is no complete cure from diabetes. However, researchers at the University of Bergen along with other international scientists have recently discovered a unique medicine to that.

Human Body Can Cure Diabetes in Future

The answer to curing diabetes is our human body. Scientists state that the cells that produce glucagon in the pancreas can help cure diabetes. The glucagon producing cells can change their identity and adapt to the job for their adjacent damaged cells that miss insulin. This can be a turning point to the treatment of diabetes. Here, the body can produce insulin of its own with the help of a little start-up. It is discovered that only about 2 percent of the cells present in and around in the pancreas is capable of changing their identity. However, the researchers are optimistic and are hoping to discover the unique mechanism behind changing personalities like mechanism.

With the help of a drug, the researchers were successful in increasing the cells that produce insulin up to 5 percent. This drug was earlier used for influencing intracellular signaling process. However, this drug has only been tested on animal specimens and their test on human body is yet to be conducted. Although this new discovery is a good news for diabetics, similar experiments of cellular mechanism is yet to be tested for other diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, which are caused by death of cells.