New Face Transplantation Process to Enhance Quality of life in Patients

Thirteen years after the first successful completion of face transplant, the trauma surgeons in the U.S. are quite aware of the present role of the facial transplantation for patients, who are facing severe facial disfiguration. The surgeons need to be aware that the final functioning and appearance are considered as superior to that offered by the conventional restrictive surgery. This is considered as one of the important update on the Face Transplantation Today in the Journal of Craniofacila Surgery in June month issue.

Hansjorg Wyss of the Department of Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Health and Eduardo D. Rodriguez have stated that their experience with facial transplantation to date, in addition with a new study to offer enhanced aesthetic outcomes with facial transplant, in comparison with the conventional reconstruction. Furthermore, the researchers stated that it is very important for trauma surgeons, who are dealing with these injuries on a regular basis to be acquainted with the literature on face transplantation following the traumatic injuries.

The team of researchers offer an update on the partial or full transplant processes that have be performed to date, focusing on the risks and advantages, functional outcomes, and aesthetic, surgical indications. In the last few years, face transplantation has evolved into a feasible and safe reconstructive solution, with a good functional and aesthetic outcomes for patients with quite several facial defects are not amenable to further reconstruction through conventional and making use of patient’s own tissues approaches. In numerous cases, skin grafts and several other conventional methods of reconstructive are expected to fall short of offering adequate functional and aesthetic outcomes.

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