New Drug found Promising for stopping Spread of Brain Cancer Cells

Tissues in the human body are important in performing normal body functions. However, there are some tissues that may be more harmful and not function the way a human body wants it to. This is majorly seen at the time of preventing the spread of cancer. The deadliest form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma is a fluid that functions at high temperature, leading to spread brain cancer cells at a much faster rate. As a common cancer therapy a drug that is released into the tumor enable this fluid to move faster and thus accelerate the spread of brain cancer cells.

Drug Combined with Convection Enhanced Delivery Treatment could Block Spread of Glioblastoma

The researchers at the Virginia Tech may have discovered a solution to cease the rapid spread of cancer cells and reaction to fluid flow in glioblastoma. They believed that their discovery of new drug can stop cancer cells to spread in the brain.

The team of researchers used mice with the brain cancer in order to test how convention enhanced delivery, an approach to deliver cancer therapy, may cause glioma cells to attack the other parts of brain. In order to stop the rapid movements of fluid, the team further tested the action of the drug called AMD3100 on the tumor. They found that the drug helped blocking the spread of the cancer cells and substantially gave new life to the patients suffering from glioblastoma in murine model.

A team at the University of Helsinki found out that the diagnosis of brain cancer has been improving gradually over the past few years. It was also revealed that the young patients with glioblastoma diagnosed from 2007 to 2013 had 24% less risk of fatality as compared to those treated from 2000 to 2006.

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