New Device to Measure Pressure in Eyes and Prevent Blindness

A team of researchers at Caltech has developed an implantable pressure sensor, which can reside in the human eye for several years at a time and along with that wirelessly send data about the health of the eye to the medical professionals or patients. The implant is expected to make it quite easier to prevent one of the most leading causes of blindness in the next few years.

The team of researchers further stated that by bringing together the novel packaging and the microelectronic technologies, along with a close collaboration with several ophthalmologists, they were successful in designing a miniaturized, highly-sensitive, and fully wireless sensor.

The sensor has been designed in order to monitor the eyes of the patients who are suffering from glaucoma, which is an eye disease that causes slow loss of vision, commonly as a result of extremely high pressure inside the eye. Glaucoma is considered as the second most common cause of blindness, which ranks after cataracts. This condition has affected around 65 million people across the globe.

Patients who are at the risk of glaucoma needs to necessarily make regular visits to an ophthalmologists in order to have their intraocular pressure checked. This test is done making use of a device named as tonometer. This device pressed a small prism against the eye surface and then determines the pressure inside of the eye by measuring how much the surface is being deflected. The advent of this device is estimated to generate potential growth opportunities for the healthcare providers and further help in reducing the cases of glaucoma among patients across the globe.

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