Negative Healthcare Trends to Affect Population in Rural Areas

In some of the recent studies regarding healthcare in America has showcased troubling trends, particularly in states that have large rural and comparatively low-income residents. While the United States has been continuing to spend a lot of funds far more than any other developed nation for the betterment of the healthcare sector. The spending is done on a per capita basis and a particular percentage based on the gross domestic product.

The Commonwealth Fund’s that have been just released in the scorecard of 2018 on the State Health System Performance has confirmed regarding what some of the other studies have stated. The life expectancy in the United States has been going down while it is expected to continue to go up in some of the other developed nations. And most of the rural areas appear to be disproportionately affected. The Scorecard that makes the assessment in every state have been divided in five major categories. The main categories are efficiency in care delivery, income based health care disparities, quality of care, and access to health care.

Some of the researchers have made use of one word in order to explain the sudden reversal in the trends in the life expectancy in the United States. This situation can be explained as there has been a rapid rise in the number of deaths and suicides that are associated with the use of drugs and alcohol in the country. According to the report by the Commonwealth Fund, these deaths due to drugs, suicides, and alcohol use have been increased around 50 percent since the last few years.

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