Nano-Robots Could Seek and Destroy Cancerous Tumors


Scientists at the Arizona State University (ASU) along with the researchers from the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) have made a key breakthrough in the domain of Nano-medicine. The scientists have succeeded in designing Nano-robots that can destroy tumors by barring the supply of blood to these tumors. The Nano-robot would be loaded with thrombin that could block the supply of blood to the tumor. Since tumors get nourishment from blood travelling through the blood vessels, the inhibition of blood supply would lead to the death of the tumor tissue. The researchers and other analysts who were involved in the research believe that the DNA robotic system designed by them would aid cancer therapy.

Emergence of Nano-Medicine

Nano-medicine has emerged as an important domain within medical sciences. It seeks to employ nanotechnology to study miniscule, microscopic, or molecule-sized particles, and devise treatment mechanisms for complex diseases such as cancer. Until now, the utility of Nano-medicine was dicey because it could end up destroying healthy cells along with the cancerous ones. The new research has enabled scientists to selectively kill the tumor without affecting the healthy cells within the body.

Model for Research and Analysis

The researchers utilized the pre-established mouse model to test the results of their study. In this model, mice are injected with human cancer cells to effectuate tumor growth. For their research, once the tumor started growing, the scientists deployed Nano-robots to combat the process of tumor growth. The Nano-robots contained thrombin which helped in clotting the blood and barring blood supply to the tumor.

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