Moderate Amount OF Red Wine Feebly Works Against Prostate Cancer


The prevalence of prostate cancer across the world has been a matter of concern for the field of oncology. Statistics show that 2.6% of men die because of prostate cancer while in Australia alone there are 1000 average deaths per year due to prostate cancer. Several factors including excessive smoking, meat consumption, or sugar levels contribute to the birth of prostate cancer in the body. A team of researchers at MedUni Vienna tested the effect of red wine in increasing the chances of prostate cancer and the results have been unexpected. Not only is moderate amount of red wine harmless in this regard, but is also found to have a protective effect against prostate cancer.

Important Points to Consider

The researchers assert that as long as the other factors such as smoking, consumption of red meat, sugar levels are in control, red wine will generally not increase the risk of prostate cancer. The researchers analysed results from qualitative studies of around 611,000 patients to find that red wine actually has a feebly protective effect against prostate cancer. One of the lead researchers stated that consumption of red wine reduced the risk of prostate cancer by 12% while consumption of white wine spiked the chances by 26%.

Reason for Protective Effect of Red Whine

The researchers are on the lookout for reasons behind the protective effect of red wine. One of the probable reasons could be the presence of polyphenols in red wine. Polyphenols are believed to protect the body from a number of diseases and cancers, and red wine contains 10 times more polyphenols than white wine.

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