Mission PFAS – Allergies Shots Here for the Rescue!

Allergies are one of the most common woes plaguing the global population. And, numbers only draw a scary picture accurate to the T. For instance, just food allergies afflict 32 million Americans. Besides, that includes 5.6 million children. And, it is important to note here that that we have an assortment of allergies. To make a case here, besides food – skin, rhinitis, insect, drugs and more also exist.

Furthermore, there is the case of PFAS (Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome).

PFAS and What the Report Suggests:

Children with seasonal allergies show PFAS symptoms. And, it includes symptoms of itchy mouth, swelling lips and tongue, and a scratchy throat. Caused by cross reacting allergens are present in raw fruits and pollen, PFAS symptoms are treatable.

A team of researchers from American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) shows proof to support it. In the Annual Scientific Meeting in Houston, it presented how allergy shots help in reducing symptoms for children.

In the study, 20 patients in the pediatric category – aged between 9 and 18 – participated. And, all of them reported symptoms of PFAS. Consequently, they had shots for mugwort, orchard grass and timothy allergies. Henceforth, researchers saw that 55% reported improvement in symptoms. And 4% said symptoms did not change. Besides, about 5 did not try introducing the allergen food in their diet afterward.

Understanding PFAS:

PFAS is common in children who are in their teens or are what is called young adults. It is quite possible that they consumed fruits and vegetables that are now casing problems for years. And, at until now, the syndrome did not surface. So, it is basically important to see here that young children often to not exhibit PFAS symptoms.

Additionally, it is noteworthy that hay fever is not common in children below three. Only after they become toddlers do they develop it. Cross-reactions between pollen and food is the culprit here as well.

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