Metformin, an Effective Drug to Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Metformin, an Effective Drug to Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Normally used diabetes drug metformin could resist the destructive thickening of the heart muscle. This muscle thickening prompts cardiovascular illness, one of the studies at the University of Dundee suggested.

Researcher’s team led by Professor at the university Chim Lang suggested that metformin has the potential to lower cardiovascular diseases. The drug is able to repurpose as a coronary illness treatment in non-diabetic patients.

The study published under the name, MET-REMODEL Trial in the European Heart Journal. This study suggested metformin as a safe drug in the treatment of type 2 diabetes patients.

Benefits of Metformin

From the last six decades, Metformin has decreased the possibility of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) among pre-diabetes conditions. Additionally, it has proved its benefits among cases of prior coronary diseases.

What is LVH?

LVH is thickening of muscle in the heart’s left chamber. This thickening also poses a hazard and increases risks of stroke or heart attack.

It is a common hidden symptom which the majority of patients doesn’t realize that they are encountering a hazard.

Earlier, numerous studies have demonstrated the link between LVH and cardiovascular conditions. Further, they have proved that lowering LVH can significantly decrease death rates.

Cardiovascular diseases are the key reason for mortality globally. However, this is the first study which examined the effects of metformin on LVH. Also, this study has focused on the effect of the drug in both non-diabetic and diabetic patients.

Moreover, the study found real reasons for LVH, which includes obesity, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance. These are key reasons for cardiovascular diseases. The unsafe thickening in the left ventricle can be reduced by twice with the help of metformin than other treatments.

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