Masimo Announce rainbow Super DCI-mini Sensor


Masimo have announced a follow-up to their 2016 rainbow DCI-mini sensor: The rainbow Super DCi-mini sensor. The Super DCI-mini sensor adds to the list of parameters measured by the rainbow DCI-mini sensor. SpO2, SpHb, SpMet, SpCO, pulse rate, perfusion index, and pleth variability index can be measured by the Super DCI-mini sensor, reaffirming its position among the leading medical devices in the sector.

The increased diversity of parameters measured by the rainbow Super DCI-mini sensor removes the need for multiple sensors, which is often a niggling concern for patients and physicians alike, and provides uniform readings for multiple biomarkers. Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Masimo, spoke about Masimo’s longstanding desire to innovate spot-check sensors that could measure SpO2, SpCO, SpHb, and SpMet at once while announcing the launch of the Super DCI-mini sensor. The new addition to Masimo’s product catalog is, according to Kiani, expected to contribute significantly to improving emergency care situations, where the convenience of a unified sensor can enable a significantly quicker medical response.

What do the Upgrades Mean?

Patients from any age demographic weighing more than 3 kg can be tested with the rainbow Super DCI-mini sensor. The lightweight sensor can be applied to any finger, thumb, or the big toe, making it convenient to use.

The use of next-generation SpHb technology, which can be availed by using the Super DCI-mini sensor (or the DCI-mini sensor) together with the Rad-67 Pulse CO-Oximeter, enables quicker results. SpHb results from the Super DCI-mini sensor can be obtained in just 30 seconds, a significant upgrade over existing spot-check sensors. The field performance of the spot-check sensor in lower hemoglobin ranges has also improved. The improved SpCO monitoring provided in the rainbow Super DCI-mini sensor will be important in emergency care settings, where obtaining quick and reliable readings regarding the carbon monoxide levels in an individual’s bloodstream may have vital consequences.

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