Low Serotonin Level in Brain May Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

Since the factors that instigate Alzheimer’s in a human is still unknown, researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, are actively working on unraveling the molecular, neurological, and genetic substructures of this disease. One of the hypotheses that has been put forth so far is that the neurotransmitter serotonin plays an important role in triggering this condition in humans. Over the past few years, several evidences, which have been accumulated through various research, point out that people suffering from Alzheimer’s demonstrate a dearth of this brain chemical, which regulates mood, appetite, sleep, and sexual functionalities, among all the other things.

In addition to this, other studies indicate that a loss of the monoaminergic neurons of brain, specifically those that control serotonin, leads to Alzheimer’s, as it triggers an excessive pileup of amyloid plaque in the brain. However, it is still unknown if low serotonin levels are the effect of Alzheimer’s or the reason behind. The research, carried out by a team of scientists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, nevertheless, confirms that serotonin, a monoamine neurotransmitter, does play an important role in Alzheimer’s disease. It also suggests that this brain chemical may influence the ailment rather than just being its byproduct.

Ms. Gwenn Smith, a professor of behavioral sciences and psychiatry at the School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, is the first and corresponding author of this study. The findings that she and her team gained were published in the journal Neurobiology of Disease.

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