Launch of Improved Medicines to Help Patients as well as Market Players


A new research report that has been published by Ron Naaman of the Weizmann Institute of Science and Yossi Palteil of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers a breakthrough technology which talks about the power to create drugs with very less and unwanted side effects.

The researchers states that the chemical compounds are made up of molecules, among which the most important molecules considered in biology are chiral molecules. The word chiral means hand in Greek that describes molecules that look almost similar and also contain the equal number of atoms, however are mirror image of each other. It means that some of them re right-handed and some of them are left-handed. In this, the different handedness is considered as crucial as it yields different biological effects.

The researchers says that their finding has excessive practical importance and it is expected to usher in a better, more environmentally-friendly, and safer drugs, and pesticides. With the statistics, the products offered by researchers are cost effective and simple effective chiral separation technique is projected to have the ability to produce improved agricultural and medical products, such as food ingredients, medicines, pesticides, and dietary supplements. Further, they state that they are making efforts to transform the science facts into practice with a substantial help from the University’s technology regarding transfer companies. They believe that offer better environmental and medical products in the market is likely to act as a win-win situation for patients as well as for the industry players.

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