Invention of New MRI Glove to Act as a Blessing In Medical Science


The NYU School of Medicine has recently published in the Nature Biomedicine Engineering about their research, regarding a new kind of MRI component that has been designed in the shape of a glove that helps in delivering the first clear image of tendons, bones, and ligaments moving together. The research study presents how the MRI element design that has been woven into garment-like detectors can achieve high quality images of the moving joints for the first time in the medical history.

The writers of the research study states that the MRI glove prototype assures to be useful in the diagnosis of the repetitive strain injuries, including the carpel tunnel syndrome in athletes, office workers, and musicians. The authors further says that the invention presents insight son how different the types of tissue impinge on the other tissues while they move. In addition to this, it can also allow the construction of comparatively more versatile atlas of the anatomy of the hand, help in the designing of improved prosthetics, and guide surgery with images of hand in a more realistic position.

The lead author of the study, Bei Zhang, states that their results represents the demonstration of an magnetic resonance imaging technology which is sensitive as well as flexible enough to capture the complexity of the mechanism of the soft-tissue in the hand. With the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging, doctors and physicians have got a better and improved look inside the tissues, assisting to diagnose a large number of maladies every year, including internal bleeding, brain tumors, and torn ligaments.

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