How to naturally prevent Alzheimer’s?

As we grow up, our physical and mental health starts to weaken. It may be just some simple fatigue symptoms or in the worst condition, Alzheimer’s. After all, we are not only aging by numbers, our body is aging with us. And the way we treat our bodies plays a major role in aging. If we didn’t take care of our own bodies that too will result in the cause of premature aging.  A recent study shows that older people who routinely exercise and move their bodies can reverse the aging signs in the brain, and believe it or not, dancing has the most profound effect.

The results of exercise can reduce mental and physical disability or cope with age-related depression. Studies showed that dancing can increase the area in the brain that usually shrinks with age. And to prove the stated point, elderly participants aged around 68 years were assigned to take dance classes for an eighteen-month weekly period. At the end of this period, the group showed an increase in the hippocampus region of the brain – region of the brain that is associated primarily with memory. Varenicline can be conjointly a non-nicotine pill to assist you to quit smoking. It’s approved by the authority. It targets the vasoconstrictive receptors within the brain. Varenicline attaches to the receptors and blocks vasoconstrictive from reaching them. This decreases the need for vasoconstrictive. Varenicline might not be right for everybody.

How to prevent us from Alzheimer’s disease?

Dancing is the best way to enhance memory. And also dancing challenged the elderly to focus more, concentrate better, and most importantly try to remember. In this way, their brain will stay in action which will decrease their risk of falling into Alzheimer’s.

Who is at higher risk for Alzheimer’s?

Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease can affect people in their 30s and 40s, but Alzheimer’s disease commonly affects older people. Memory, thinking, and behavior are affected. Even though there is no cure, early diagnosis and treatment can improve the quality of life. General Physicians may refer you to a psychiatrist or neurologist if they are unsure whether you have Alzheimer’s disease.

How to prevent memory loss?

The key here is not just in moving around, there has to be a routine, something to remember and repeat every day. A daily routine will prevent your hippocampus from declining and thus decreases your risk of memory loss. After all, the more you use your memory the better! And what’s a better way than using it to remember dance moves and shake your Alzheimer’s away!

We all want to live a healthy and joyful life for as long as possible. Physical exercise is the best solution. It simply prevents many risk factors and most importantly slows down age-related decline. So, what are you doing still sitting down?! Come on! Get off your feet and dance to your favorite beat.

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