How Can I Make My Breasts Bigger Without Surgery?

Is it possible to increase breast size naturally? Well, the answer will be yes. Most women always wish to have a perfect body, and for this, they will love to have perfectly shaped breasts which they can flaunt off.If we see from medical grounds, there is a surgery called breast argumentation. But this may acquire many complications, and your lifespan may reduce to 12 years. So not a single woman will prefer this surgery.

There are various natural ways to increase breast size, including enlargement exercises and pumps, dieting, massage, etc. This article will give your insight into some of the best tips to grow breast naturally without any harmful surgery and its side effects.

Some Unknown Facts about Breasts

Breasts always have a purpose and can do various things you have never imagined. Let us discuss some unknown facts on breasts below,

  • Do you know, the left breast is slightly bigger than the right breast? So the answer is yes, the two breasts don’t appear to be the same.
  • The breast size always changes about to 6 times in an entire woman’s life. This is due to the kind of bra, they select to wear.
  • Breasts naturally grow after 4 years to every woman, aftertheir first period is done.
  • The breasts get fully matured only after pregnancy and lactation.

Is it Possible to Grow Breasts Naturally?

By massaging, doing breast enlargement exercises and eating foods that help support breast growth, women can naturally grow their breasts. Let us discuss a few tips that can help them grow breasts naturally and flaunt them. They are as follows,

  • The Breast can Increase Through Foods

Foods such as fruits, nuts and milk products can help to grow natural breasts. Try to have whole milk, which can help them consume fat and enlarge breast size. Soybean is also rich in phytoestrogens, a hormone that can help grow big breasts. 

  • Yoga for Having Big Breasts

Yoga has been natural healing for thousands of problems. When it comes to making bigger breasts, this art can help you do this. You can perform a few yoga which can help you to grow breasts. Such as Bhujangasana, ustrasana, dwikonasan etc.

  • Massage Oils for Bigger Breasts

Massaging is one of the easiest and simple ways to increase breasts. So what kind of natural oils or lotions can be used to grow breasts? You can use flaxseed oil, fennel and olive oil, breast enlargement creams, etc. So it is the best way for a woman to have an oil massage to increase smooth breasts.

What are the Causes of Small Breast Size?

Many experts think that the reason can be either genetic or random. Breasts are separate parts, and they start to grow during adolescence. They will grow until they touch the size and balance with the overall body. Unfortunately, the breasts start to grow slowly and have small sizes for some reason. Here are a few common causes of small breast size, so let’s take a look: 

  • Deficiency due to specific vitamins.
  • Energy blockage
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Emotional obstruction
  • Problems with ovaries or thyroid gland

So for proper growth of breasts, it is essential to choose the correct bra size. Bra size plays a pivotal role in controlling, sagging, and keeping your breasts toned and firm. Another way to get natural breasts is massaging. If you massage your breast once a day, it will help you increase blood circulation, leading to a smooth flow of hormones. 


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