High Flow Oxygen Concentrators Market – Demand for Supplemental Oxygen to Boost Market Growth


The research archive offers predictions and future prospects of the industry, including market size and share on account of risk factors, market trends and opportunities, pipeline products and technological innovations.

High stream oxygen concentrators play out a solid capacity of administering to patients with serious respiratory infections. Hardware gives oxygen to individuals’ lung sickness, who are old, and to the individuals who live in exceedingly contaminated ranges. High stream 6LPM to 15LPM oxygen concentrators can give more unadulterated oxygen amid the night than customary 5LPM units do. This can encourage better dozing and keep patients alive longer.

With stripped down working, without the highlights expected to help versatility amid the day, high stream oxygen concentrators turn out to be more affordable, lighter, and more completely fit to reason than they were already. This utilization of high stream oxygen concentrators furnishes persistent stream oxygen with units that broaden the market for a long time.

Central point driving the market for high stream oxygen concentrators incorporate its capacity to give oxygen under all conditions. The overall maturing populace makes interest for high stream restorative oxygen. An expansion in the quantity of individuals with end arrange COPD and other serious respiratory maladies makes requirement for cutting edge restorative oxygen. Points of interest of more current high stream oxygen concentrator gadgets are that they are more solid. They are by and large moderate. Repayment drives markets.

As per Susan Eustis, lead creator of the group that composed the investigation, “An oxygen concentrator with a high stream is important to meet the oxygen necessities of a patient in extreme respiratory misery. A higher liter for every moment setting is required for more extreme instances of low oxygen in the circulation system. A man with solid lungs inhales 21% oxygen from the air. Somebody with direct to serious COPD takes in a much lower percent. They require the additional oxygen gave by the high stream systems.”

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High flow oxygen concentrator markets at $148 million market in 2016 are set to wind up noticeably a $527.4 million market in 2023. These speak to an exceptionally particular kind of oxygen gear. Relentless development is expected on the grounds that the high flow units are the main gadget that helps extremely sick patients with respiratory illness with supplemental oxygen over the coming years.

Some of the leading players of the worldwide market for high flow oxygen concentrators are Nidek, Invacare, AirSep and Respironics.

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