Healthcare IT powered by AI and Cloud a Multi-Billion Dollar Business

The convergence of healthcare and technology has increasingly been challenging numerous paradigms over the past few years. The rapid inroads that the technology has made in the industry has transformed healthcare delivery never as before, mainly by aiming to make information on diagnostics and therapeutics pervasive. Several technology providers have jumped into the fray with their cutting-edge technology offerings that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and wearables. Technology giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple are leveraging the cohorts of these next-generation technologies and banking on the growing use cases in the healthcare industry. These health units are spawning a multi-billion dollar business for these companies, particularly for Microsoft. Such interesting insights have been laid bare recently in a podcast ‘Beyond The Valley’ by CNBC. The podcast, rare of its kind, claims to take a critical look at emerging trends across all facets of technology for a largely global audience.

Zealous Start-ups seek New Revenue Streams by making Healthcare Information Ubiquitous

Technology stalwarts world over are tapping new revenue streams by focusing on innovations in healthcare IT. For instance. For instance, Microsoft in 2017 undertook an initiative called Healthcare NExT to leverage the potential of cloud and AI for diagnostics. Start-ups have also jumped into the bandwagon by offering products aimed at charting new territories in medicine and patient care.

One such initiative is that by Babylon Health, a subscription health service provider based in the U.K., who is using AI to develop chatbots that can help diagnose conditions after people feed into them their health symptoms. As its CEO revealed in the podcast, monitoring your healthcare through these technologies will become a ubiquitous part of the daily life. And the most exciting part is that these information in the not-so-distant future will be doled out almost free to whoever wants it.

Podcast sheds light on Emerging Frontiers in Healthcare and Medicine

Undoubtedly, the precision of these technologies and accuracy of the healthcare assessments they will offer will be unmatched, way ahead possible with any human being, the CEO argues. Several such market participants have embarked on discussing new frontiers in medicines and healthcare in the podcast piquing the interest of technology enthusiasts.

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