Harmonic Scalpel Market Growth to ride on Constant Technological Advances leading to Better Functionalities


The demand for versatile surgical device that can simultaneously cut and cauterize tissues using ultrasound technologies is a notable factor accentuating the growth of the global harmonic scalpel market. In recent years, the market has witnessed the advent of technologically-advanced equipment and devices to assist laparoscopy. The inclusion of advanced adaptive tissue technology in these equipment has led to striking precision and multi-functionality, along with advanced hemostasis.

Recent technological advances in laparoscopic surgical instruments in various parts of the world have resulted in some devices marvels, thus taking safety and efficacy to new heights. The demand for devices that can cut through thicker tissue without causing any significant thermal spread and less smoke is robustly catalyzing the market’s growth.

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The rising usage of harmonic scalpels in surgical procedures pertaining to eyes, nose, and throat, is fueling the growth of the market. The attractive demand for harmonic scalpels in thyroid and tonsil surgeries is also propelling the growth.

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