Google and Develop AI-Based Patient Monitoring System

Google is making constant efforts to develop a next-generation healthcare framework. The company has lately developed an algorithm based on neural networks to increase healthcare efficiency. The use of computing technology to develop the algorithm is a testimony to its high potential. The company expects to the algorithm to improve the operational framework of healthcare units. It can increase workflow efficiency, send real-notifications to medical professionals, and detect gaps in healthcare. The AI team involved in the development of this system testifies the aforementioned system traits. Google collaborated with to harness the expertise of the latter in artificial intelligence technologies.

Self-Aware Rooms across Healthcare Facilities

The new technology will host “self-aware rooms” in hospitals in order to initiate autonomous patient monitoring. Hospital staff would receive regular tailored notifications to get an update on what’s happening inside the rooms. This would help doctors and medical professionals in remotely monitoring the activities and health of patients. Besides, patient safety issues such as incidence of infectious diseases, pressure-ulcers, and preventable falls can be also addressed. Google explains that an AI-powered system could effectively replace the traditional reactive response model across healthcare facilities. It is also noteworthy to state that predictive monitoring is becoming an important part of the healthcare framework.

Technological Expertise

Google is using its Coral TPU accelerator to achieve greater agility across the system. Moreover, deep learning technologies would help in developing an information database across the system. This information shall be used as the system’s memory that continually learns from new data. Google believes that the new technology could be the inception of a revolution in AI-based healthcare. Furthermore, the use of neural networks gives an edge to the current system as against other technologies.

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