Good News for Cheese Lovers – Consumption May Stabilize Insulin Levels

This could be a good news for all cheese lovers, especially ones suffering from diabetes. High percentage of fat in cheese makes it a culprit in the eyes of many who are diet conscious. However, scientists at the University of Alberta, studied its positive impact on reducing blood sugar levels. . Dairy Farmers of Canada (C.B.C.) funded the research.

The experiment was performed on pre-diabetic mice that ate regular as well as low fat cheese. They showed an improvement in blood sugar levels. This is a promising finding for people who like cheese as they can eat it without worrying about its calories.

Reason behind Positive Impact Remains Unclear

Nevertheless, the reason behind stabilization of insulin levels in mice is still unclear. But, Catherine Chan, nutrition expert at University of Alberta said, consumption of cheese might improve risk of cardiovascular ailments and diabetes. Chan particularly wanted to study the effect of cheese on insulin sensitivity. She observed that cheese balanced the level of phospholipids. These are extracted from dietary fats and are important for several body functions.

The study is a relief for people who skipped eating cheese due fearing its high fat content and the risk it bears for cardiovascular diseases. However, cheese did not completely balance the insulin levels, but improved it significantly. Furthermore, the type of cheese, low-fat or regular, did not matter.

Low fat cheese has distinct sensory properties which makes it unpalatable for few people. So, if people cut-down cheese from their diet, it becomes a major concern to replace it with something equally nutritious.

This study discards effect of cheese on cardiovascular disease. But, Canada’s Food Guide, advices to reduce consumption of saturated fat in daily meals. There isn’t much information about regular cheese versus low-fat cheese and their effect on cardiac health.

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