Global Theranostics Market Prediction and Analysis Offered By New Study 2016 – 2024


Theranostics is considered as a fusion of diagnostics and drug therapy. It helps in optimizing safety, effective results, and streamlining of overall drug development. The combination of advanced diagnostic tests and effective medical drugs has been given several names, such as pharmacodiagnostics, integrated medicine, Dx/Rx partnering, and companion diagnostics. Research activities in this field are contributing extensively towards the growth of the market, as this is considered as a highly emerging field and is projected to generate strong growth opportunities from regulatory bodies and the healthcare industry. This market is expected to focus on developing specific analysis in order to predict the use of the most effective drug for patients.

The research report on global theranostics market offers a thorough overview, emphasizing on the promising growth opportunities and challenges in the market. The research study, with the help of analytical tools, helps in determining the latest trends and key growth prospects that are estimated to encourage the growth of the global theranostics market in the forecast period. In addition to this, the product segmentation, key applications, geographical segmentation, technological advancements, and the competitive landscape of the global market have been discussed at length in the scope of the research study.As this field is considered to hold immense growth potential, the global theranostics market is projected to register a progressive growth rate in the next few years.

The high awareness among consumers and health providers concerning the theranostics devices is one of the important factors projected to fuel the growth of this region in the coming years. The rising focus of key players on the expansion of product portfolio and the research and development activities are projected to supplement the growth of emerging nations across the globe.

Some of the prominent players operating in the global theranostics market are National Health Service, European Medicines Evaluation Agency, Pfizer, Myriad Genetics, National Genetics Institute, Monogram Bioscience, Enterix, Food and Drug Administration, Abbott Laboratories, ViroMed Laboratories, Dickinson & Company, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Becton, Vermillion Diagnostics, Genetics & Public Policy Center, Litholink Corporation, World Health Organization, Roche, 23andMe, Prometheus, Cellestis, Oxford Immunotec, US LABS, Laboratory Corporation of America, Home Access Health, and EntroGen.

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