Global Prurigo Nodularis Treatment And Management Market Poised to Expand at a Robust Pace Over 2027

Prurigo Nodularis Treatment And Management Market

Prurigo nodularis is a type of highly pruritic skin disease characterized by a symmetrical distribution of erosive, itchy, hyperkeratotic nodules and papules. The prurigo nodularis disease chronification progresses from scratching which takes the patient from papules to nodules and then to plaques formation. The Prurigo nodularis treatment and management market is expected to upsurge in the coming years as there is a lot of untapped area of research yet to be done. Many platforms are formed so that healthcare professionals come together and share their knowledge. Prurigo nodularis is more common in HIV and immunocompromised population while some cases are related to internal malignancy.

One such platform was founded in 2014, The Prurigo Nodularis League (PNL) which serves as a mutual platform for patients, doctors and academics to come together in discourse of this disease. Prurigo nodularis has a huge scope of research as there is yet no classification of various pruriginous forms. Despite its prevalence and severity, prurigo nodularis is still an unknown skin disease. The goal of PNL is to raise the global awareness related to the etiology and pathogenesis of prurigo nodularis and the ongoing research.

The potential of prurigo nodularis treatment and management market has increased the number of clinical trials undertaken by various market players. For instance, Trevi Therapeutics had started a pivotal trial of of Nalbuphine ER. The company plans to carry out the prurigo nodularis study on 60 prurigo nodularis patients from Europe and US. Recently the company reported positive Phase II trial result for the treatment of severe or moderate prurigo nodularis. The startup could gather USD 26 million for its Nalbuphine ER for the treatment of prurigo nodularis.

Treatment of prurigo nodularis is difficult due to the intensity of itching. Initially, the patient is prescribed with potent steroid creams along with antihistamines such as Zonalon, Pramoxine, Atarax and Perjactin for additional relief. In cases of severe prurigo nodularis, cyrotherapy and steroids may be used. Resistant cases are diagnosed using biopsy and blood tests of the sores.

Prurigo nodularis treatment and management market has been segmented on the basis of diagnosis, treatment and region.

Geographically, prurigo nodularis treatment and management market is segmented into regions viz. North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, and Middle East and Africa. North America and Europe region is projected to maintain its lions share over the forecast period. The amount of research funding and awareness initiatives are higher in this region. On behalf of Trevi Therapeutics, Inc. a U.S. based company MediciGlobal launched a new website to provide access to clinical trial related information of prurigo nodularis. Europe is the second largest region in terms of revenue share as it also has number of clinical trials ongoing. Velocity Pharmaceutical Development, LLC (“VPD”) and Menlo Therapeutics Inc, received permission from the Germany’s BfArM to initiate Phase II studies of VPD-737 (serlopitant) in patients with prurigo nodularis. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region for the prurigo nodularis treatment and management market.

Key Players

Some of the key players in prurigo nodularis treatment and management market include Velocity Pharmaceutical Development, LLC; Menlo Therapeutics Inc, Trevi Therapeutics, Inc.; GlaxoSmithKline plc, Mylan N.V., UCB, PharmaDerm and Aspen Holdings to name a few.

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