Demand for Advanced Prosthetics to Propel Growth Witnessed in Global Artificial Limbs Market

Artificial Limbs Market

Advancements in prosthetic and orthotic technologies have mimicked human limb functions to near perfection, enabling amputees to lead a life as normal as possible. Considering the rise in military combats worldwide and the increasing incidence of vascular diseases such as diabetes food syndrome and atherosclerosis, the demand for artificial limbs is stoked. has added a report, which provides a comprehensive overview of the global artificial limbs market and covers factors enabling growth in the market. The report is titled “Artificial Limbs Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2022,” and is available for sale on the company website.

The report is an in-depth study of the prevalent trends influencing the global artificial limbs market. The report also gauges the various the growth drivers and restraints impacting its trajectory. For the purpose of the study, the global artificial limbs market is segmented based on various parameters. In terms of technology, the global artificial limbs market is segregated into cable operated or body powered prosthetics, cosmetics prosthetics, electrically powered or myoelectric prosthetics, and others. Based on end users, the market witnessed demand from prosthetic clinics, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. In terms of product, lower extremity prosthetics, upper extremity prosthetics, liners, and sockets are the key variants currently available in the global artificial limbs market.

Through segmentation, the report presents insights into the most lucrative pockets within the global artificial limbs market. Besides this, it compiles exhaustive information sourced through proven research methodologies and intended at enabling stakeholders have a clearer perspective regarding the artificial limbs market. Furthermore, based on recommendations provided in the report, players can gauge investment feasibility in the market.

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As per data released by the National Limb Loss Information Center, nearly 1.7 million individuals are living with limb loss in the US alone. Also it is estimated that one of out of 200 people in the US is an amputee. While vascular complications make a common reason, cases of limb loss due to cancer and trauma were reported as well. This has led to the risen demand for artificial limbs. Furthermore, advent of novel technologies and materials have bode well for the market, making artificial limbs more adaptable. For instance, the soft and plaint features of advanced prosthetics have made expansion and contraction of sockets during the swing phase easier, holding it securely to the residual limb. Alongside these technological advancements, several innovations are on card, which promise the global artificial limbs market a promising future.

On account of the rising demand for artificial limbs, private and public companies, alike, are impelled to invest increasingly on research and development. Consequently, remarkable advancements have come to foray in prosthetic and orthotic technologies. Similar efforts have led to the innovation of next generation prosthetics. These artificial limbs have come with or more than 25 joints helping mimic natural limbs movement. In addition, these advancements have enabled amputees to control movements of their artificial limb functions using mind. According to the report, the artificial limbs market is likely to witness increasing demand for customized prosthetics, especially among people involved in leisure activities and sports. Such trends will prove favorable for the artificial limbs market.

Regionally, North America is likely to offer lucrative prospects as the region is an early adopter of advanced technologies. Also the high disposable income of consumers and the presence of a sophisticated healthcare infrastructure will support the market’s trajectory in North America.

Some of the leading companies operating in the global artificial limbs market are Liberating Technologies, Inc., Ohio Willow Wood Company, Össur, PROTEOR, Blatchford Group, Hanger, Inc., Spinal Technology, Inc., RSL Steeper Group Ltd, Ottobock, Fillauer LLC, and Optimus Prosthetics.

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