A Gift for the Patients Suffering from Parkinson

A team of seniors from Rice University will exhibit how augmented reality could assist patients with the disease of Parkinson’s and that too during Parkinson’s Awareness Month,
Six engineering students from Rice University have come up with an iPhone app so as to assist patients overcome a symptom called “freezing,” in which the legs of the patient temporarily refuse to follow the command of the brain to move forward and lift.
The App Needs to be Able to Adapt to Android Phones
For many of these patients, the researching team has discovered that vibratory cues, audio, or visual can assist them in overcoming freezing. The Rice app could also be the most comprehensive and elegant way till date so as to provide those cues, in accordance with the students.
Taking advantage of new programming tools that allow for the incorporation of augmented reality, the app is extremely advanced. In this case, the user of the app can point the phone at the sidewalk or floor and can trigger it to place the image of a circle, block, or other object where his or her foot should be placed. Such a visual cue is enough so as to enable patients initiate their gait.
The app can also give sensory or audio cues through the sound and vibration capabilities of the phone. However, the app should be able to adapt to Android phones as well, in accordance to the students.
Gaby Perez, one of the team members, states that this app is for patients who, in their day-to-day work, experience episodes of freezing. He added that there are a couple of gadgets that are available in the market to help these patients, but none of these devices incorporate all three kinds of cues.

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