Gene Experiments Create a New Hope for Human Organ Replacement

In a striking development that encourages to open the way to organ transplants from animals, analysts have made quality altered piglets free of infections that may cause illness in people. According to the experiments reported on Thursday in journal Science, may make it actually possible someday to transplant livers, hearts and different organs from pigs into people, an expectation that researchers had never given upon. As said by Dr. David Klassen, CMO at the United network for Organ Sharing said in a recent report that in case if the pigs organ would turn out to be safe and effective, the experiment can become one of the greatest milestone in the medical history. For now there is a huge gap between the organ suppliers and organs in demand.  Dr. George Church had said that the first pig-to-human experiment would take place within two years.

Viruses in Pig’s DNA Could Lead to Leukemia In Monkeys

The latest research comprise of two historic achievements in recent times – cloning and gene editing and it is evolving with a high pace. According to the studies, pig’s organs are similar in size and functions as those of humans, which make the hopes high for the experimentations. Scientists began experimenting with the idea of pig organs for the purpose of transplant in 1990s. However, in 1998 Dr. Fishman and is assistants found that there are certain viruses found in pig’s DNA that might be a factor causing leukemia in monkeys. This became a major concern for them to carry forward the experiment on humans as there is a huge risk to infect human with bizzare viruses.

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