Gap between Hospital and Home Health Care can Harm Patients

A survey claims that a major gap between the healthcare providers and patients can harm the latter. This is basis a Colorado Home Health Care Clinicians (HHCs) study. The survey suggests that 60% patients do not receive any guidance while 52% have unrealistic expectations from the treatment.

The Journal of the American Medical Directors Association published the survey from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Christine D. Jones, the lead author said that miscommunication between healthcare providers and patients are not new things. This can lead to wrong dosage or incorrect information about treatment.

Patients in the study said hospitals did not prepare information correctly on the home healthcare during discharge. Home healthcare correlates with electronic health records (EHRs). Thus, home healthcare is difficult without sufficient information about patients. The survey said that problems are about medications and other related aspects.

Training Hospital Staff Can Help Solve Problem

Other studies have extremely high rates of disagreements over medications. Additionally, targeted education of hospital staff about services and offerings of the home health clinicians are mainly to avoid frustration.

Further, Dr. Jones said HHCs are seeking to improve communication and provide targets. Future interventions for improving communication between hospital and HHC should aim to improve the knowledge of patients and caregivers.

Additionally, the researchers found another problem such as ordering medications. HHC nurses and staff said most of the order they receive are wrong or incorrect as a large number of doctors are involved.

She said their study did not base on any specific hospital or any specific HHC. But it underlines the specific points to improve the existing HHCs.

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