DuPont Nutrition Releases Findings of Supplement Howaru Shape-Based Study


DuPont Nutrition and Health has disclosed the outcomes of a medical study conducted on Howaru Shape, which is a synbiotic dietary supplement capable of helping obese consumers, who are prone to suffer severe health problems. The supplement brings together the perks of probiotic and prebiotic fibre. Together they made the supplement highly capable of improving metabolic health, and also helped them lose weight.

In a recently-published study, a group of individuals was given Howaru Shape supplement, and consuming the same, they showed 4.5% lesser total body fat and about 6.7% trunk fat in comparison to the ones who relied on placebo. The positive impact on lean body mass remained even 30 days post study.

The latest findings depicted a beneficial effect on gut microbiota in the participants who took Howaru Shape every day for about six months. With the probiotic consumption, the gut microbiota modified in many ways, including a larger quantity of bacterial species known as Akkermansia muciniphila. This bacterial species is linked to enhanced metabolic health.

While speaking about the study findings built over ten years of scientific research, Megan DeStefano, the worldwide marketing manager, probiotics, DuPont Nutrition and Health, said that the favorable alteration in gut microbiota is good for overweight people, who are facing metabolic disorders, including Type-2 diabetes and leaky gut. She added that, Akkermansia is particularly linked to better functioning of gut barrier and helps in glucose tolerance.

The study included over 220 overweight but healthy participants. The study researchers followed these individuals who ate powder supplement in the form of a smoothie one time in a day for half-a-year. The supplement included ingredients such as the prebiotic fibre Litesse Ultra, a placebo, the probiotic culture B420, or Howaru Shape, which is a symbiotic mixture of Litesse Ultra and B420. The study participants were told to take diet regularly and follow an exercise routine.

The intake of B420 only showed a positive effect on gut microbiota, and the benefits multiplied when B420 and Litesse Ultra were taken together within Howaru Shape.
While discussing the medical benefits associated with gut microbiota, Ashley Hibberd, senior scientist, DuPont Nutrition and Health, said that the earlier findings of this study demonstrated that the B420 intake alone or together with Litesse Ultra restricted the body fat mass gain and improved markers related to obesity in obese grown-ups.