DPCR Instrumentation and Consumables Market : Explored In Latest Research



Digital PCR (dPCR) is an advanced version of conventional PCR, which differs in the method that is used to measure the nucleic acid amount. dPCRs are predominantly used for quantifying and amplifying nucleic acid. The key point of difference between PCR and dPCR is that the latter segregates samples in greater partitions to perform and then conducts the reaction on each partition. On the other hand, PCR conducts single reaction on every sample. The demand for dPCR is on the rise as it is known to be effective for understanding variations in gene sequences such as copy number variants, point mutation, and is thus being used for clonal amplification of various samples for next-generation sequencing.

Transparency Market Research discusses the global dPCR instrumentation and consumables market at great length and clarity in its new research report. The document includes a study of the historical data about the global market as well as the current market scenario. With a meaningful comparison between the two, the report offers a plausible trajectory of the global market for the coming few years.

Some of the key factors driving the global market are high tolerance to inhibitors, no dependence on a reference or standard solutions, the capability to analyze complex mixtures, and linear response to several copies, which allows for small fold change differences to be detected. The report indicates that demand for dPCR is expected to remain on the rise as research for new diagnostic tools for genetic disorders and chronic conditions such as cancer remain persistent.

The global dPCR market is segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and Rest of the World. Currently, North America has a strong foothold in the global market due to a steady healthcare sector in countries such as the United States and Canada. Europe has also shown remarkable growth in the dPCR instrumentation and consumables market in recent years due to increasing grants being given for research and development. For instance, European Research Council and National Cancer Institute (U.S.) have been involved in intensive research to understand various types of cancer in order to decrease their prevalence. These regions are expected to show steady progress in the coming years due to affordable healthcare facilities for the patients.

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Some of the key players operating in the global DPCR instrumentation and consumables market are Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., RainDance Technologies, Fluidigm Corporation, and Life Technologies.

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