Diurnal Eating Patterns May curtail Breast and Prostate Cancer Risks

Studies on cancer prevention methods that emphasize on eating and sleep patterns aren’t many. Hence, we have few insights for the recommendations that take into account the meal timing and eating habits in individuals to ward off cancer.

A recent study at Barcelona Institute for Global Health – ISGlobal, Spain assessed the implication of eating and sleeping patterns on the risk of developing breast and prostate cancer. Both cancer types have high worldwide prevalence, especially in developing and developed countries, and their incidences have been found to be associated largely with night-shifts working regime, circadian disruption, and interruption in biological rhythms. The study looked at the lifestyle and chronotype of over 3000 respondents from across Spain where 1,321 female and 872 male were chosen as control subjects. Around half of the total participants were suffering from either prostate or breast cancer. They were asked to complete a questionnaire factoring in their eating habits and the ways they adopted to prevent cancer. The researchers concluded that the participants who adhered to diurnal rather than late-night eating patterns had a reduced risk of cancer.

People who prefer Late Supper or Meal have higher Risk of Developing Cancer

The researchers claimed that people who are habituated to take dinner early—say before 9 pm or keep a gap of at least two hours before it and their sleep—may face a reduced risk of developing these cancer types. The study findings could have substantial implication on cultures where people prefer having late supper. This is evident in populations in Europe. The findings yet to be confirmed by a more comprehensive study stressed on the importance of circadian rhythms in studies on assessing the impact of diet patterns on cancer prevention.

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