Discovery of New Regions in the Human Brain

Neurology has been an area of immense interest for brain-cartographers, and several researchers have been conducted to get closer to understanding the functioning of the human brain. A renowned scientists at UNSW, George Paxinoss, recently revealed of his “eureka” moment as he discovered an obscure region in the human brain. Professor George explained that the newly-found region in the human brain is at the juncture of the brain and the spinal cord, and has been named “endorestiform nucleus”., Professor George had discovered the presence of the new region during his tenure of research at NeuRA; however he has stated his findings with a much greater level of conviction after verifying the results through imaging and staining techniques.

Revolutionary Development for Neurosciences

Professor George Paxinos believes that his findings would bring about substantial differences in the way the studies are conducted. He compared his discovery of this new region to that of the discovery of a new star, and has supported the uniqueness of his findings through several arguments. Endorestiform nucleus is not found in any other animal, thus, making it a point of difference between the human brain and brains of other species.

Relation to Physical Human Balance

The location of endorestiform nucleus is such that it could directly have an influence on the balance, motion, and posture of humans. Professor George asserts that he is still guessing the function of the new region; however, the location of the endorestiform nucleus suggests that it is involved in human motor control.

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