Discovering Ultra-low-risk Tumors Becomes Easier

Breast cancer has become a key health concern in recent years due to its rising prevalence and has garnered significant government support as well as investment in the medical sector. However, the breast cancer treatment scenario has always faced one primary problem.

Traditionally, doctors have focused on detecting breast cancer as early as possible so that the treatment can start right away. While this has been considered the best way to tackle breast cancer so far, new information discovered and corroborated in an increasing number of studies shows that some preliminary cancerous growths, particularly pertaining to breast cancer, do not pose a long-term threat if removed immediately. This has raised the question of which breast cancer diagnoses need to be followed with further treatment, since while radiation or chemotherapy have been considered the standard course of treatment, they simply may not be necessary in some cases.

New Study Indicates ‘Fairly Precise’ Test for Identifying Low-risk Tumors

A new study in JAMA Oncology says distinguishing between harmless tumors and tumors that carry long-term repercussions can be done with considerable accuracy. This will allow quite a few patients to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

A diagnostic technique called MammaPrint was used to differentiate tumors, based on the association between the genomic identification of the tumor and the survival time of the patient after the tumor was removed. This technique allowed them to predict who had a low risk of death, over a considerably long period of 20 years.

About 20% to 25% of breast cancers identified at present may be ultra-low-risk tumors that can be removed without any need for further medication. Further development of this test could make it viable for use in a variety of healthcare settings, making a significant impact on the global breast cancer sector.

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