Development of Weekly Pill Box in a Single Capsule to Benefit Patients Suffering from HIV

A new capsule has been developed by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and researchers at MIT, the single-dose of which,  contains a week’s worth of HIV drugs. This new development is anticipated to ease a patient’s need to strictly adhere to the schedule of the doses which is required in order to fight the HIV virus. This new capsule is designed in such a way that the patient does not have to go through the hassle of taking the medicine every single day but simply just once in a week falling which the drug gets released gradually throughout the week from the capsule. This form of drug delivery system can also be used by people who are at an increased risk of HIV exposure.

Scientist from a company called Lyndra are excited about this new discovery of drug delivery system and feel that this system can not only help patients suffering from HIV or AIDS but also help people suffering from other diseases where strict adherence to doses is required. Often it has been found that one of the biggest obstacle of preventive treatment is getting the people to take medicines regularly. In 2016 the same team from MIT and Brigham Women’s Hospital developed a drug delivery capsule which was shaped in the form of star with six arms which was loaded with drugs and folded inward. Upon swallowing the capsule, the arms would unfold gradually and release the drug.

Several tests have been carried on pigs which have revealed the disc apps use were successfully able to log in the stomach for one week and relieves three different HIV drugs over the period of one week. The capsule is designed in such a way that after all the drugs have been released in the stomach the capsule will disintegrate into small components which can easily pass through the digestive tract. The researchers are now working on developing capsules which will stay longer in the body.

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