Depression Strongly Related to Brain Aging, Say Psychologists

A group of psychologists from the University of Sussex have detected a strong interconnection between the rate of brain aging and depression, a disorder that has been gaining prevalence across urban populations. Although the psychologists cum researchers had previously recommended that individuals with anxiety or depression stand at higher risks of dementia towards the second half their lives, this new study has provide concrete evidence of the link between depression and reduction in overall cognitive abilities of a human brain.

As many as one in five people in the U.K. suffer show some symptoms of depression.

A comprehensive research of 34 longitudinal studies was conducted during the study, with each of them focusing on finding the interrelation between depression and brain aging. Samples from as many as 71,000 participants were compiled, which also included individuals who had shown depression symptoms at earlier age and those who hadn’t. It must also be noted that those people who were known to have dementia right at the beginning of the study were not included during this analytical study.

The research has reiterated the impact of depression among older people, which can be attributed to not sudden but slow and steady decline of cognitive power of people as dementia can take decades before being diagnosed. The researchers have emphasized on increasing awareness in order to timely detect and cure mental health. Across the world, the percentage of geriatrics is rapidly increasing and this study is expected to inspire governments to take up mental health issues more promptly.

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