Dental Whitening Lamps Market Estimated to Discern 2X Expansion by 2027

Dental Whitening Lamps Market

Dental whitening lamps are used to trigger the photocatalyst present in teeth whitening gel to release the reactive components which in turn results in speeding up the tooth whitening process. These are used in enhancing the results of the treatment but not all the patients get the same results after treatment. These lamps use LED and UV lights emitting at a particular wavelength and the treatment for a stipulated time. LED lights also known as blue lights are more popular in the dental whitening lamps for effective treatment with less side effects. The technology is used to remove stains on the teeth caused by smoking, drinking wine, coffee or tea. This helps in restoring the natural tooth color and whitening the teeth. These dental whitening lamps are needed to be FDA compliant for commercialization. There are a number of companies in the market offering dental whitening lamps with different specifications. The treatment is not suitable for the candidate with tooth and gum hypersensitivity, with deep and intractable staining as well as with tooth transparency.

Generally, teeth whitening procedures are not covered in the dental insurance. But the growth in the dental aesthetics and popularity of dental whitening procedures promotes the sale of this equipment in the market.

Dental Whitening Lamps Market: Drivers & Restraints

The growing concerns of dental problems and increasing disposable income are the major factors for the market growth of dental whitening lamps and other accessories. Furthermore, greater acceptability of the product in dental treatment also drives the market growth. Safe and fast results obtained from the treatment with dental whitening lamps also promotes its use. As well as, various oral hygiene awareness programs also promote dental whitening lamps’ market growth. Expensive dental whitening treatment is the restraining factor hindering the market growth. Also, overheating due to some light products is also a problem in the tooth whitening treatment process. Some studies also prove the potential harm in using light for teeth bleaching which also restricts the market growth. Several alternatives available in the market also restricts the market growth for dental whitening lamps.

Dental Whitening Lamps Market: Overview

Marketing strategies play a very important role in the sale of dental whitening lamps. The market is anticipated to grow at a significant rate with the increase in cosmetic dentistry procedure market due to tremendous demand. Dental whitening is a huge profitable business which also contributes to the growth of the dental whitening lamps market. As the solution is not permanent, thus there is repetitive need for whitening which further increases the market. There is a huge market opportunity for technical improvements in the dental whitening lamps to reduce treatment time, improving the efficacy, durability, affordability as well as decreasing the side-effects and enhance economical availability of the product. The market for dental whitening lamps is fragmented with a number of players selling the products in retail as well as online which shows huge competitiveness in the market.

Dental Whitening Lamps Market: Region-wise Outlook

High cosmetic care in the North America region along with superior dental facilities is responsible for the dominating market size in the region. Moreover, large spending on dental healthcare also promotes the market in this region. This is followed by Western Europe because of more adoption of these techniques and easy accessibility for dental treatments in these regions. Latin America is also anticipated to have a significant growth rate because of increasing trend towards dental healthcare. Increasing disposable income in the Asia Pacific region contribute to the market growth for dental whitening lamps. MEA region contribute the least market share for dental whitening lamps global market because of less availability of dental healthcare facilities and non-accessibility to the dental treatments in various areas.

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Dental Whitening Lamps Market: Key Players

Some of the key players in Dental Whitening Lamps market includes Royal Philips N.V., BMS Dental, Beaming White, LLC., CityDent, DaVinci Teeth Whitening, WHITEsmile GmbH, Oh!White Cosmetics, Suz-Dent India (P.)Ltd., Nubway and many more.

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