Consumption of Fish Oil at Young Age To Offer Protection of Heart

In a research study conducted in Australia, a group of infants were give fish oil supplement and some were given placebo from their birth to the age of six months. After these kids turned five years old, the researchers discovered that the children who were given fish oil supplement has a small waist in comparison with the kids who were given placebo. A large circumference of waist is considered as a risk related to heart disease.

Furthermore, in the study, researchers found out that the boys who were given fish oil supplements during their initial days has a less circulating insulin in their bodies. In addition, they also showed less resistance to insulin after they completed five years of age. The research study has only showcased an association between the two. The high level of insulin and its resistance plays a very important role in the development of the type 2 diabetes. Insulin is basically a hormone that carries the sugars from the consumed food in the cells that are to be used as fuel.

According to Dr. Siham Acchcha, who reviewed the research study stated that the use of fish oil supplements can help in reducing the waist circumference, which is considered as a major risk factor for cardiometabolic. However, at present they are not sure for how much time it will last. In addition to this, they are researching further as why the insulin finding were only reported in boys. The team of researchers are further waiting to find out what will be results when the kids will complete the age of ten, which will help them in understanding for how long the effects of fish oil supplements are expected to last.

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