Cold and Hot Water Equally Effective and Safe for Hand Washing: Study

According to the US food and drug administration, minimum water temperature should be at least 38 degrees while hand washing in order to kill bacteria, in contrast as per researchers from Rutgers University cold water is also effective and safer for wishing hands. Researchers said that rather focusing on water temperature it’s important to follow proper hand washing technique to remove bacteria from contaminated hands. Prof Donald Schaffner and his colleagues challenged recommendations and assumptions of FDA regarding hand washing. There are various effective techniques which can prove to be best for hand washing in order to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Experimental Observations on Water Temperature for Hand Washing

Researchers held an experimental debate regarding the water temperature for hand washing. In this debate researchers carried out experiment on the twenty individuals, where participants were asked to wash their hands under different water temperature ranging from 15 degrees to 38 degrees. Result of this study showed that there was no significant difference in bacteria removed by hot and cold water.

Prof Donald Schaffner said “It doesn’t matter under what water temperature you wash your hand, people just need to feel comfortable while washing their hands”.

Testing and Reviewing Hand Washing Techniques

Prof Donald Schaffner and team also carried out experiment involving factors such as washing time, amount of soap used, and product formulation. According to team, result of this study showed that it did not show major changes even the amount of soap used was varied. The performance of bland soap and tested antimicrobial soap in removing bacteria was on the same level.

As per results, Prof Donald Schaffner and team recommends that FDA need to revise their policy regarding hand washing techniques.

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