Chief Medical Officer for England says Golden Age of Antibiotics is Over!

James Sutton, an English actor, received a ten-day course of amoxicillin for his bronchitic chest infection after convincing doctors for about six weeks. However, after getting course of antibiotics, they didn’t work for him and because of allergic reactions, hives all over his torso made his health condition more complicated.

Reports Suggest not to Complete Antibiotics Courses

Sutton, a 43 years old healthy and fit actor confessed that no one really knows what the best thing to do is! For decades, doctors have been allotting their patients with courses of antibiotics and then they realized they causes allergic reactions. He referred to a report published in British Medical Journal, which stated that courses of antibiotics were never recommended as it is better to stop taking them as soon as patients start feeling better. This report was based on research of 10 scientists. This group of scientists was led by Martin Llewelyn, a professor at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

The report stated that stopping the medication as soon as the patient condition gets better has been always recommended and there are no evidences that completing courses have been endorsed. Due to such statements, many patients are baffled to decide whose advice should be believed.

This report also referred to a similar report by Professor Harold Lambert in The Lancet, which was published in the year 1999. The reference stated that the report too concluded that antibiotics resistance is facilitated more by shorter courses.

Professor Dame Sally Claire Davies, the Chief Medical Officer for England, also warned that the golden age of antibiotics is over and superbugs caused due to antibiotics caused about 50,000 deaths in a year in America and Europe. However, patients are still not sure which advice should they listen to, to complete the course or to stop as soon as they start feeling better!

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