Causes For Diabetic Nephrology Disease

Diabetic Nephrology Disease knew as Kimmelstiel-Wilson disease, attacks as one of the most serious complications in people with Diabetes.


The exact cause of Diabetic Nephrology is unknown until now. However, high levels of blood sugar lead to kidney problems. Some risk factors also play a role during the attacking of DN. Those risk factors can be family history, unhealthy lifestyle, and certain ethnicity.


It usually takes 5-10 years before any of the signs or symptoms show up. Loss of appetite, fatigue or swelling, etc. may occur.

Lab tests

Know about your family history and running regular physical examinations matters since it could help you alert Diabetic Nephropathy. Lab tests should be done to make a diagnosis. More often than not, micro albuminuria will be tested. BUN, Scr, 24-hour urine protein, electrolyte measurement, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and renal biopsy, etc. are usually done.


The goal of western medicines is to keep the illness condition from getting worse over time. Blood pressure and blood sugar are the most essential indexes during Nephrology the treatment of Diabetic. Taking medications and eating low-fat, low-salt foods, and getting regular exercise can greatly help the disease from progressing Of course, educating yourself about basic steps or knowledge of Diabetes and DN helps a lot. Using home remedies for Diabetic Neuropathy is another good alternative to natural treatment.


Diabetic Nephrology can be controlled or slowed down in the initial stage of the disease. But poorly controlled blood sugar or massive proteinuria indicates a poor prognosis. Other than kidney disease, Diabetes results in many other serious conditions such as amputation, cardiovascular disease or heart problems, etc.

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