Cannabis High Lifts Pain and Migraines too, Reports a New Study

According to a new study by researchers from Washington State University, inhaled cannabis help uplift its users in new ways. The report states that inhaled cannabis can reduce headaches by 47.3% and migraines by 49.6%.
The study published in the Journal of Pain also promises new ways of discoveries on pain management. The study relied on Big Data to get insights from a long-drawn use of inhaled cannabis.

Findings such as these on pain management aren’t uncommon. However, earlier reports had studied synthetic cannabinoid drug to experiment on patients. The new study is a first of its kind to use through an app.
The researchers relied on data received from Strainprint app. The app allowed users to keep track of their migraine before and after inhaling medical cannabis. More than 1300 patients used the app over 12,200 times to register their cannabis use. Another 653 people used the app over 74, 00 times to monitor severity of their migraines.

According to Carrie Cuttler, the lead author of the study, the most factor for them was the use of big data. They didn’t want to leave any stones unturned as generalizing cannabis use can be potentially problematic.

A Few Unanswered Questions

Cuttler and her colleagues answered some potent questions. They found no correlation between “overuse headache” from cannabis use. They attribute this to a possible pitfall of the conventional treatment. On the other hand, they did see a growing tolerance to the drug after long-use.
The pain reductions also remained similar across men and women. While 90% of the men reported reductions, similarly, 89% of the women reported the same findings. The study also indicated that use of cannabis oil resulted in larger reduction in headache severity as compared to cannabis flower.
According to Carrier, the research may overestimate the effectiveness of cannabis use. As the findings are self-reported by patients who are potentially victims of the placebo effect.

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