Cancer Treatment Possible with Infused Drug Sponges

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California discovered s drug sponge that could help in minimizing the side-effects of cancer. By inserting sponges in the bloodstream, excess drugs can be absorbed. Hence, scientists can deliver comparatively higher doses of medication so that tumors can be knocked down easily. This method can especially be helpful for cancer of the liver, since at such cases, tumors don’t respond to benevolent treatments.

The drug sponge is 3D printed and is an absorbent polymer that is found coated in the cylinder. This drug sponge can fit promptly in the vein that is responsible for carrying blood flow outside the target organ.

 To site an example, this target organ can be the liver in case of a liver cancer. In this way, it can soak up any kind of drug that the tumor cannot identify. In this way, the tumor can be prevented from reaching other organs and poisoning them.

Cancer Tumor can be Prevented from Spreading to Other Organs with Drug Sponge

During early experiments conducted on pigs, the drugs that were polymer coated. They are recorded to be absorbing about 64% of a liver cancer drug. The drug that is injected into the body is doxorubicin and is a chemotherapy agent. Surgeons slide a wire into the blood stream and locate the sponge just like a stent. The stent is left as it is until chemotherapy is done, apparently a few more hours after that. Since this device is temporary, approvals have lower bar imposed by the Food and Drug Administration. A new path of cancer recovery is hence discovered.

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