Biotech API Manufacturing Services Market : Growth, Capacity, Scope, Revenue, Key-Players, and Forecast until 2019

Biotech API manufacturing services market includes contract manufacturing services for the production of biotechnology-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The biotech APIs include manufacture of active ingredients from animal, microbial, human, or genetically engineered origin by biological techniques. Several dynamics in the biotechnology field are influencing the manufacturing and development strategies of companies in the market. Presently, these dynamics are favoring the growth of biotech API manufacturing services market. The market is very emerging compared to mature chemically synthesized APIs manufacturing services market. However, biotech APIs manufacturing services have high growth potential in the near future owing to increasing demand for biotechnology products.
The global biotech active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturing market is segmented as monoclonal antibody manufacturing, mammalian cell culture manufacturing, recombinant proteins production, insulin analogues manufacturing, growth hormone API manufacturing, interferon manufacturing, and vaccine manufacturing. The mammalian cell culture manufacturing services segment garnered maximum revenues in the global biotech active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) services market. Increasing applications of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and development of next-generation antibody therapies such as antibody-drug conjugates are expected to boost the market in the near future.
Smaller biotech companies with intellectual property rights for novel biologics will further drive the biopharmaceutical API manufacturing services market. As the contract manufacturing services companies have expertise and economies of scale in these operations, the reduced cost and higher quality product can be transferred to client biotech companies enabling them to focus more on research and development of novel biologics.
Geographically, the global market for the biotech API manufacturing services is segmented into four major regions namely, North America, Europe, Asia- Pacific and Rest of the World. According to report from the Chemical Pharmaceutical Generic Association, the growth of biotech active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) services markets in emerging markets has increased compared to established markets. The reason cited for the phenomenal growth in these countries is their ability to reduce the cost of development for innovative APIs thereby providing competitive edge in the market.
Some of the key players in the global biotech active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturing services market include AbbVie Contract Manufacturing (part of AbbVie, Inc.), Biogen Idec International GmbH, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence (part of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co KG), Biocon Ltd., Celltrion, Inc., Cytovance Biologics, Inc., DSM Biologics, Eden Biodesign Ltd. (Elona Biotechnologies, Inc.(part of Zimmerman Biotechnologies), Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies UK Ltd., Gallus Biopharmaceuticals, LLC, GSK Biopharmaceuticals, Hexal Arzneimittel (part of Novartis),  kSep Systems (part of KBI Biopharma), Lonza Group Ltd., Novo Nordisk, Piramal Healthcare, Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc., Samsung BioLogics Co. Ltd., and Wave Biotech (part of GE Healthcare).

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