Beyond Gene Editing – CRISPR’s Tryst with Bio-sensing

Since its conception, CRISPR is seeing conflicting opinions. People view it as both game changing as well as loathsome. While a section of populace sees it as a scientific miracle, another sees it as manipulation of gene pool. Thus, at one side, it is a tool towards eradicating sickle-cell anemia. At the other side, it is seen as a step towards designer babies.
Researches from Western Reserve University studied the technique to examine CRISPER in bio-sensing.

About the Study on CRISPR Technique:

Researchers changed enzymatic signal to electric signal to identify presence of biomarkers. The idea was to see if these can detect viruses like parvovirus (parvo). And, the aim is to come up with a point-of-care medical device based on universal bio-sensing. The reason behind this endeavor is to ensure a fast and accurate detection system.

As per Yifan Dai, lead author, this has the potential of becoming the much needed detector for various nucleic acids. Dai is also a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chemistry. And, Dai states that the results would be really fast using CRISPR. While results from tests currently in use take about five days and are costly, the bio-sensor results be quicker. They will in fact need less than hour.

Significance of Study:

HPV is a common virus and often leads to one of the six types of cancers associated with it. As per U.S. Centers for Disease Control, some 80 million Americans suffers from one or the other kind of HPV. And, it is notable here that HPV can spread through skin-to-skin-contact.

Similarly, Parvovirus B19 can spread through secretion of respiratory tract like saliva and mucus. Thus, if a person who is infected sneezes or coughs, he spreading the virus. It is worthy of note that sometime there are no symptoms or mild symptoms of this virus’s infection. In fact, about 2 in 20 people do not show symptoms. Other might show a minor rash.

And, as CRISPR gives accurate results in good time, this plays a crucial role in the overall scheme of HPV and Parvovirus infections.

Carol O. Brown

A computer science engineer, Carol O. Brown has always been intrigues by health science. This led her to become a healthcare writer. She is a digital marketing professional with more than three years’ experience.

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