Benefits of Using a Robust Workplace Health and Safety Application

Workplace health and safety is extremely crucial for any given organization, as without ensuring the safety of the employees, the organization cannot operate at its maximum potential. Imagine this – if there are incidents that threaten employee safety, many will be reluctant to work, resign, and worse. As a result, organizations might lose their best employees. Moreover, a safe workplace is the right of any given employee as per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and non-compliance will result in heavy fines. Since OSHA has quite a few rules and regulations required for compliance, it can put a lot of pressure on organizations, driving up administrative costs in the process.

That being said, a robust workplace safety compliance application can help organizations reduce costs by ensuring a safe environment for their employees. Let’s take a look at the benefits such an application can bring and the features it should have that lead to improving health and safety in the workplace.

Benefits of a workplace health and safety application

Ensures compliance

Complying with the rules and regulations set forth by OSHA, ILO (International Labor Organization), etc. can be quite complex and many organizations do have trouble keeping up with the updates. A robust application can help streamline compliance by keeping everything centralized. Moreover, by pushing such an application towards the employees, they also get a clear idea of the policies they need to comply with, ensuring that compliance is maintained by one and all within the organization. This helps to save a lot of time, administrative costs, as well as preventable medical expenses.

Records critical events

OSHA requires recordkeeping for events such as incidents, near misses, accidents, and so on. A robust workplace health and safety software ensures that it can record such incidents on the go using a smartphone or tablet and in real-time – reducing costs and mitigating the risks of OSHA penalties.

Reduces unwanted events

Workplace injuries are one of the biggest concerns of workplace health and safety, and these can be mitigated by implementing preventive measures. A robust workplace safety application must be able to provide information on developing preventive measures by identifying common causes for injuries, risks, and hazards present so that the management can come up with plans to mitigate such cases.

With that out of the way, let’s have a look at the features a workplace safety software must possess to ensure compliance and reduce issues as well as the administrative burden.

Must-have features of a workplace safety application

Video library support

While incident reporting might be a standard feature, a workplace safety application can go the extra mile and enable employees to capture videos on the go and store them while reporting incidents, helping with OSHA recordkeeping.

Incident and accident management

In order to ensure compliance, organizations need to keep track of all the incidents occurring within their facilities. By ensuring that employees can report incidents in real-time using their smartphones and classify them as near misses or safety concerns, a workplace safety app can streamline compliance by reducing the time required for corrective actions.

Moreover, accident reporting must be a part of the application as well, with the ability to classify them under injury or illness, vehicle or traffic, fire or explosion, etc. for further clarity. The management will be able to review such cases, assign individuals to investigate them and take required actions to reduce any potential accidents in the future – enhancing workplace safety.


Since workplace safety requires employees to follow safety rules and the organization to ensure compliance with OSHA and other standards (such as ILO), having a knowledgebase within the application can be extremely beneficial for everyone involved. The management can stay updated regarding the changes made by OSHA and can also share safety practices, do’s and don’ts, and other relevant materials with their employees. Check this Emeril pressure airfryer reviews. Moreover, employees can share their customized safety practices, as not all organizations are similar.

Training management

Organizations need to provide safety training to their employees, especially the new ones. Moreover, when new types of machinery are introduced that require extra care, additional training is a must. A workplace health and safety application must be able to create training sessions, assign instructions, choose the trainees, schedule sessions, and keep the training information documented for future reference.

Help conduct internal audits

One of the best ways to ensure workplace safety compliance is by conducting self-audits. A robust workplace safety application must be able to provide all the necessary information to initiate such audits so that the management can identify issues and gaps, plan and implement corrective actions, and improve workplace safety efficiently.

All of the above, and more, is achievable with Safety Assure.

Safety Assure enhances workplace health and safety

Safety Assure is a workplace health and safety software that streamlines compliance required by regulatory agencies such as OSHA and ILO. It can improve workplace safety, reduce the administrative burden and associated costs, and keep all the required documentation in a centralized location. Organizations can also cut down IT costs with Safety Assure, as it is a cloud-based application that users can access via smartphones, tablets, and the web. As a result, employees and the management can use it on the go, reducing the time required for reporting incidents and implementing corrective actions.

Safety Assure has all of the aforementioned features, airwise fryer making it an ideal choice to reduce significant costs, improve workplace safety, and ensure OSHA compliance – contact us now to know more about the solution.

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