Artificial Intelligence holds Potential for Revolutionizing Healthcare in China

The use of Artificial Intelligence across multiple industries has been a matter of debate and discussion over the past decade. The healthcare industry has especially been a key consumer of AI technologies, and these internet-enabled technologies have helped in maintaining better health records, conducting swifter diagnosis, and effectuating treatment. The CEO of NovaVision Group has lately pointed to the ability of AI technologies in leveraging healthcare facilities in China. He also asserted of the potential of artificial intelligence in bringing down healthcare disparities between rural and urban areas in the country. Jim Wang, the CEO of NovaVision’s healthcare unit spoke in high regard about AI technologies at a conference conducted by the CNBC in Guangzhou, China.

Bridging the Rural-Urban Gap

China has been battling the deadlocks of healthcare disparities between the rural and urban regions, and there needs to be a swift recourse in this regard. Wang stated that the deployment of AI to bring about positive changes in the healthcare setup of the rural areas would bring an end to mistreatments within healthcare. He specifically mentioned “algorithm cameras” as key AI devices that hold the potential to overhaul the rural healthcare sector in China.

Urging the Masses

The efforts being made by NovaVision will not succeed lest the medical practitioners and doctors in China join hands in fortifying this cause. Hence, Wang also pointed to the role of individuals and doctors in upgrading the standards of healthcare in the rural areas of China. He also explained that the need to go to large hospitals and healthcare centers would be eliminated once AI-based healthcare gathers swing in China.

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