An AI Tool that Warns About Adverse Drug Interactions

Most drugs have side effects. But, side effects also occur when two or more drugs interact. Many a times, doctors are unable to comprehend these reactions or worse, patients tend to ignore them. The complacence towards ignoring drug reactions is termed as ‘alert fatigue’. As a result of side effects, a patient might suffer from organ failure or worse, even die. While this is a prevalent phenomenon across regions, identifying a solution that keeps a check on this signs are imminent.

Researchers have developed an AI tool that helps predict possible reactions due to drug interactions. The tool looks at the possible reactions of consuming more than one drug and predicts side effects.

How Does the Tool Work?

Across the world, especially in the United States, people are more prone to purchasing over-the-counter drugs. For instance, a person buys a pain killer (OTC). However, he is also a hypertension patient and is on medication. The patient is likely to ignore the drug interaction and a plausible side effect. This is where the AI tool can help.

The tool is developed based on research evidence available on drug interactions with the Food and Drug Administration and other organizations. As a result, it is able to analyze the possible reactions which are an outcome of different drug interactions.

With most patients today on multiple drugs, the need to have a tool that helps doctors predict such interactions is key today. On the other hand, the developers say that there are millions of possible drug interactions they have obtained from research evidence. Some of them are trivial and others critical. To create a hassle-free system, the developers have trained the tool to only flag off critical conditions that might require immediate attention.

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