Alzheimer’s Diseases Related to Disturbed Sleep Patterns Reveals

In a recent study conducted by scientists of the University of Wisconsin-Madison revealed disturbing related to the Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers conducted a test related to spinal fluid on 101 people who carried a respective gene linked to the Alzheimer’s or had a family history pertaining to it. The average age of the people was 63. It was apparently revealed that the participants who had disturbed sleep conditions or underwent daytime drowsiness are more prone to the biological markers related to the Alzheimer’s as compared to the ones who had no sleep issues.

Digging Deep into the Project

The researchers involved in the project searched for signals related to beta-amyloid which are clumps of toxic protein present in the brain and has been linked to the Alzheimer’s disease. The tau tangles knots of protein which are present in the nerve cells are also linked with the particular disease. Dr. Barbara Bendlin, the lead scientist said that evidences reveal that sleep disturbance is likely to trigger the development of Alzheimer’s disease in several ways. As example she said that dearth of sleep lead to the dearth of amyloid plaque as the clearance system of the brain triggers activity during sleep.

However, the researchers also noticed that not every person on whom the tests were carried out had aberrations in their spinal fluid. For instance, no relation was discovered between obstructive sleep apnoea and biological markers related to the Alzheimer’s. The scientists are working on to further find a link between these biological markers and sleep.


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