Advent of Low-cost Biosimilar Treatment for Cancer to Benefit Patients

The number of cancer cases across the globe has increased significantly in the last few years. A large number of treatments are available to treat cancer patients; however, these treatments are considered expensive, especially in developing and under developed economies. As a result, the number of deaths due to lack of essential cancer therapeutics have grown substantially. The World Health organization (WHO) has been making remarkable efforts to reduce the cost of treatments in order to reach the low-cost and middle-cost consumers across the globe.

WHO Steps in with Pilot Program

The introduction of biosimilars in the medicine sector has contributed significantly towards the development of the global cancer therapeutics market in the next few years. Thus, The World Health Organization has requested all the manufacturers to start with a pilot that will start with a prequalification of biosimilars for cancer treatments. In addition, the emergence of new drugs and therapeutics is likely to benefit the patients in availing these treatments at a comparatively low cost in the near future.

Furthermore, the rising number of innovations and the use of bipotherapeutic products for cancer treatment is likely to benefit the key manufacturers. The World Health Organization is expected to compare the new products with the original products in terms of efficiency, quality, and safety. After this, the qualified products will be listed and considered as eligible for the procurement by the United Nations agencies. As several under developed and developing nations rely on the medicines prequalified by the World Health Organization, these medicines are expected to witness a high demand in the next few years. This is likely to benefit the patients and reduce the number of deaths by cancers across the globe.

Rohit Bhisey

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