Advanced Technologies Enticing Hope Among Brain-Cancer Patients

Most things gain notice when prominent people are affected by it. The whole nation was shocked when the Senior United States Senator from Arizona was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. But, owing to recent technological advancements in the diagnostics and therapeutics of brain cancer, odds are now in favor of both the Arizona Senator as well as vast number of patients suffering from this deadly disease.

The Patient Who Defeated Brain Cancer with the Help of New Technologies

Tricia Klein, paramedic, Las Vegas, grieved while remembering the day in the summer of 2014 when she started to suffer with unusual symptoms. Left-side weakness, vision frailty, forgetfulness, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, and headaches were all growing for about two continuous months. She knew something was terribly wrong. Then she got the reports stating that she was diagnosed with brain cancer, similar to Sen. John McCain. She didn’t want to leave her husband and their two kids, however, she didn’t know exactly which treatment to follow.

An oncologist of Nevada, Dr. Matthew Schwartz, says that in the days gone by, patients diagnosed with such diseases would live only up to two years with the treatments. But thanks to new advancements, brain cancer patients are now able to live significantly longer than they ever have.

One of such advancement is the use of laser beam. Dr. Schwartz says that she feels like performing a surgery without actually doing it. The laser beam transmitted from the radiation machines effectively treats the affected cells without doing any harm to other brain cells.

Due to these advanced technological healthcare applications, Klein has been cancer free for last three years. Dr. Schwartz assures that with every passing day, the medical equipment are evolving with the sole purpose of treating patients more effectively.

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