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Global Health News brings you the latest news from the worldwide medical and healthcare industry. It is an authentic and reliable source, covering the most recent policies, people, and technologies driving the next-generation healthcare across the globe. From voicing healthcare IT to providing editorial insights on the most compelling stories such as electronic health records, patient monitoring, healthcare automation, wearable medical devices, and many others, Global Health News is a holistic source of healthcare research and information, business, and policy news.

Our team of skilled members is in constant lookout for the latest buzz in the industry. Leveraging their investigative and journalistic skills at work, the team is dedicated to getting vital stats about the most recent events impacting the healthcare and medical industry. To keep abreast with the latest trends influencing change, the team untiringly sources and compiles accurate information, relevant to healthcare and medical sectors.

Global Health News is dedicated at delivering news at the earliest and with absolute certainty. We sincerely believe in providing the latest ground-breaking and the most accurate news for the day, each day.

Editors & Contributing Staff

Rohit Bhisey – Editior

Having authored numerous articles and blogs on the most influential trends and breakthrough innovations in the healthcare industry, Rohit Bhisey has established himself as someone with unparalleled technical commentary in the field of medicine. In recognition of his role as the Head of the Internet Marketing Department at his firm, Rohit has a knack for identifying what’s hot and what’s not in the world of healthcare.

Ram Sonagara – Contributor

Exhibiting immense interest in the healthcare industry, Ram Sonagara has been writing articles pertaining to the healthcare and pharmaceutical domain for over four years. His forte lies in writing in-depth, analytical, and insightful articles on a wide range of topics, such as medical devices, smart and connected devices, healthcare IT, telemedicine, and medical tourism. Ram possesses a great sense of news and his nose for the latest trends gives him an edge over those in the field.